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Challenging Mindsets

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

I am a born connector. I love meeting people and exploring the world. My tag line is to challenge mindsets and inspire greatness. To truly meet and connect with diverse people you have to leave your comfort zone. If you follow me on Jodi's Voice you know that I am always experiencing something different and new.

Recently we hosted such a special Shabbat meal. We hosted Gavin’s work colleagues including Arabs on his team. We also had 2 Holocaust survivors, some single young professionals and other friends including a lovely lady I met on a walk that morning. It was a really eclectic bunch from all backgrounds ranging in age from 1 year to 91.

The most powerful moment was the l’chaim from the 91 year old survivor where she said it was always her dream that all people could live together and the Shabbat table was so special to her.

When she was leaving Gavin was going to walk her home. Our Arab guest suggested that Gavin stay with the guests and insisted on walking her.

If we all opened our homes and created bridges the world would be such a different place!

Checkout my blog from the Times of Israel - real change and the ability to challenge mindsets begins with friendship.


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