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How I Do It All…

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

It’s known that I sleep just four hrs a night. I don’t have sleep apnea or insomnia but my own kind of sleep disorder–I’m a workaholic! Usually I am in good spirits and you would not know how sleep deprived I am. I obviously am tired … When Gavin asks if I want to watch a DVD, I am usually asleep before he has opened the Netflix envelope. Thank God for Friday nights. However, I have this amazing ability to focus and soldier on.

Here is my theory: I sleep on average 20 hours a week less than most people. That’s 1000 fewer hours a year. Assume most people work 40 productive hours a week and assume that I am staying up to work not play. If you divide 1000 by 40 hours, you get 25 extra work weeks.

So by sleeping less, I gain six months a year of productivity….. I’d say that’s definitely worth a few less REM cycles!

Originally published: July 1, 2010


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