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What Would You Do If You Win The Lottery?

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Admit it: You have fantasized about what you would do if you happened to win the lottery…

I admit, I do this every now and then. I went for a one-hour walk and found myself wondering about all the “what if” scenarios for winning lottery — what if I won one million, two million, or even just 100,000 dollars?

My husband always laughs and teases me about this. Regardless, I buy tickets every few months and leave long gaps between purchases, hoping I have the winning lottery picks. When I go back to see if I’ve won, my tickets are usually too old for the store to scan the lottery numbers so I have to check them myself online.

Everyone wants to win money, whether it’s for basic necessities or just a little extra play money. I am not expecting to win but my mom won two small amounts in a very short time so I know people do win. You have to be in it to win it.

Yes, it’s fantasy but for me it’s a way of organizing priorities. Giving charity is close to my heart. Which charities would I support? What work would I do? Would I change my work management style? Where would I live? Would I invest my money and how?

For me, it’s cathartic, I emerge with perspective and insights: the fact that I would still support “x” venture regardless of whether my win is one million or ten million says a lot. Likewise, would I continue working and, if so, doing what? I know that I am a workaholic and destined to always create situations that afford me no sleep and stress. What amazes me is that so often I see that I wouldn’t change most of the fundamentals. I would want to live in the same apartment in the same city, with the same lifestyle, hosting the same Shabbat guests. To me, this insight about winning lottery—knowing that I am happy as is—is enough for me.

Originally published: May 5, 2010


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