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  • Ahuva books

  • Aish Miami 

  • AMIT Children

  • Arutz Sheva

  • Atlantic Beach Sisterhood

  • Bach Synagogue Long Beach

  • Baltimore Jewish Federation

  • Beit tovei Hair

  • Boca Jewish Center

  • Bradley Beach Shul (Congregation Agudath Achim)

  • Call Your Mother Podcast

  • Center for Jewish Education, Baltimore (Mack Center)

  • Chabad of Iceland

  • Chai FM

  • Congregation AABJ&D

  • Congregation Gates Of Heaven

  • Congregation Mount Moses Lake Wabeeka

  • Congregation Rinat Yisrael

  • Congregation Shir Hadash

  • ExperienceX

  • Fachler family dedication

  • Fit Life

  • Friendship Circle 

  • Fun and Function

  • Gateways

  • Gateways: Access to Jewish Education

  • GiGi Playhouse NYC

  • GiGi's Playhouse NYC

  • Golden Acres Village

  • Golders Green Beth Hamedrash

  • Gvahim

  • Holocaust Center Rockland

  • Holocaust Museum & Center For Tolerance and Education at Rockland Community College

  • It's Ok We're Jewish Podcast

  • Janice Leibowitz (People of the Book)

  • Jay Hait Podcast

  • JDAIM February 2021

  • JDAIM February 2022

  • Jewish Book Week

  • Jewish Community of the UAE

  • Jewish Inclusion Project

  • Jewish Journeys

  • Jewish Philanthropy Podcasts


  • Kedma

  • Keshet

  • King David

  • King David Schools

  • Kosher Conundrum

  • Land of

  • Lev Experience

  • Life Vest Inside

  • Limmud

  • Limmud NZ

  • LinksCrUe

  • Linkshul

  • Los Olas Jewish Center

  • Love Adventure Mom (Inspirational Parenting)

  • Midst Chaos Podcast

  • Mizrachi South Africa

  • Momentum

  • New York Jewish Guide

  • New York Public Library

  • NY Friendship Circle

  • Or Chaim Toronto

  • OU Israel

  • Premier Chess

  • Pulse of Israel (Black & White)

  • Reel Abilities Film Festival

  • Rinat Shul

  • SABJE (South African Board of Jewish Education)

  • Sandringaham Gardens

  • SAR Academy

  • SAR High School

  • Saturday to Shabbos

  • Shaarei Shomayim Toronto

  • Shabbat of a Lifetime

  • Shir Hadash on Emek

  • Siggi B. Wilzig Foundation

  • South African Board Jewish Education

  • Special Needs Podcast

  • Suzie Q

  • Sy Syms Business School Yeshiva University

  • Tachlis Media

  • Talkline with Zev Brenner

  • The Big Schmear Podcast

  • The Jewish Standard: Our Children

  • The Lodge Square

  • The LOWdown Podcast

  • The Macks Center for Jewish Education

  • The National Jewish Council for Disabilities

  • Unforgettable Israel

  • Unorthodox Podcast

  • Vacation Village

  • West Orange Inclusion Committee

  • Wine on the Vine

  • Xperince

  • Yachad

  • Yachad New England

  • Yeshiva College

  • Yeshiva College South Africa

  • Yeshiva Univeristy/Sy Syms School of Business

  • Yeshivat Chochevei Torah

Thriving in Midst of Chaos.jpeg
Thriving in the
Midst of Chaos
(Special Needs)
Jay Hait Podcast.png
Jay Hait Podcast
Zev Brenner.jpg
Talkline with 
Zev Brenner

Talkline with Jodi Samuels on bringing chutzpah to Israel

Jodi Wine.png
Wine on the Vine

Join Jodi & CEO Adam Scott Bellos over a bottle of Gush Etzion Winery rosé -יקב גוש עציון
Pulse of Israel
Black & White

Mordechai Yosef ben Avraham

and Avi Abelow talking with Jodi Samuels

Suzi Q.png
Suzie Q Zoom

The Road to Parenting

Fancy Coffee
Jewish Coffee House

Discrimination and Down syndrome

Talking with Jodi Samuels

101.9 Chai FM

How Hamas inspired our family

to make Aliya.

King David.png
King David Schools

Womens' Day with

Jodi Samuels

Jewish Philanthropy Interview

 Rabbi David M. Cohen interview

with Jodi Samuels

Black Chess Pieces
Premier Chess

Episode with 

Jodi Samuels

Israel Uncensored

With Joshua Hasten

Middle Eastern Food
Shabbat of a Lifetime

With Netanel Cahn

Neon Sign
Janice Leibowitz

People of the Book

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