Jodi Samuels spent decades of her adult life honing her philosophy: Live, Love, Matter. She was passionate about enjoying the most of every moment, spending time doing what she loves with those whom she loves, and making sure everything she does had a purpose and changed the world, even if only in just a small way for someone.

When her youngest daughter was born with the surprising diagnosis of Down syndrome, everything changed. Suddenly she was thrust into a life full of doctor visits, appointments, meetings, bureaucracy and countless therapies sessions for her daughter. 

But something her husband had said on their way out of the hospital galvanized her new approach to life: “They may as well have branded the word ‘activist’ on our foreheads.”

Sure enough, on top of entrepreneur, mom, full-time volunteer for her not-for-profit, Jodi became the advocate in chief for her daughter, battling for her basic rights, inclusion and dignity. Jodi, who had always shied away from ?, had to dig deep to find her own voice in order to become the voice for her daughter. 
Now she reframes life’s challenges and believes we all have the ability to change our world and overcome obstacles. Her book Chutzpah, Wisdom and Wine details her journey and the lessons she has learning along the way. As a speaker, Jodi’s passion is to see individuals be transformed and become resilient no matter what life may throw their way.




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Thriving in the
Midst of Chaos
(Special Needs)
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Thriving in the
Midst of Chaos
(Special Needs 2)
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Talkline with 
Zev Brenner

Talkline with Jodi Samuels on bringing chutzpah to Israel

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Wine on the Vine

Join Jodi & CEO Adam Scott Bellos over a bottle of Gush Etzion Winery rosé -יקב גוש עציון
Pulse of Israel
Black & White

Mordechai Yosef ben Avraham

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Suzie Q Zoom

The Road to Parenting

Fancy Coffee
Jewish Coffee House

Discrimination and Down syndrome

Talking with Jodi Samuels

101.9 Chai FM

How Hamas inspired our family

to make Aliya.

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King David Schools

Womens' Day with

Jodi Samuels

Jewish Philanthropy Interview

 Rabbi David M. Cohen interview

with Jodi Samuels

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Premier Chess

Episode with 

Jodi Samuels

Israel Uncensored

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Shabbat of a Lifetime

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