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8 words which describe my Chanukah

Day 67- War in Israel

Sadness - we lost so much and still losing so many young lives.

Despair - how long will the surviving hostages suffer?

Disbelief - abandonment by friends, social justice organizations and the people you thought stand in side of right.

Shock - never again could be now!

Fear - what will the future of Jews world wide look like.

Maybe - my Judaism does matter?

Survival- only Israel can guarantee our survival.

Anger - the IDF fundamentally let me down my illusion is shattered!

We also understand that light can defeat darkness.

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Mike Kapic
Mike Kapic
10 Απρ

Mrs. Samuels, first, I want to say I appreciate everything you're doing and to thank you, belatedle, for your hospitality at your Shabbat meal in late Feb 2023. I was with a group of 28 from Arizona. I know this is late, but you and your family impressed me. You showed me the face of Israel.

I saw your video from Oct 6 grocery store and your words above...I'm so sorry. We're going through a very tough time ourselves in the US. My prayers go to you, your family, and your great Nation. Please don't give up. You've fought for your mighty achivements and led the spiritual way to where we, the rest of the world is today.



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