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I had a discussion forum on special needs at my home last Tuesday night with Hanna Brown, author of “If I could tell you”, a novel about autism and the effect on families. The topic was re-envisaging normal in our community. Many interesting discussions, lots of shared pain of parents whose special needs kids are excluded from Jewish communal life.

The main points of the night:

• Every Jewish child is entitled to a Jewish education and inclusion in community

• Discrimination in 2012 is NOT acceptable

• The community need to see our children as blessings and not burdens

• We as parents of special needs kids only want what anyone wants for their kids to be healthy and happy


To take action, to bond together and as a community to support what is right. We live in the wealthiest Jewish community in the world, in one of the most densely populated communities in the world’s most liberal, democratic city in the year 2012. It is TIME to stop making excuses and demand change.

As Martin Luther King says “We begin to die when we are silent about what matters”


PS see our conversation with the Jewish Week on special needs

Originally published: March 31, 2012


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