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A Big Day for the Samuels

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Today was a momentous day for Gavin and I.

We handed over our first born to the State of Israel!

Meron has started a combined Yeshiva, Army and Paramedics Program that is 6 years. His ultimate goal is be part of the Army Paramedics Unit.

As Olim this is a huge step truly being part of the people of Israel. It’s also my wake up call - I really do live here!!!

Gavin and I did not grow up in religious homes and we did not have any Jewish education so watching your kid enter a serious learning program is a true landmark.

Good luck Meron!

Have you seen my video blog on Taking a Stand - it’s my theme for the work!

It was a busy week for me in the media:

The Orthodox Conundrum is a forum in which we look honestly at the Orthodox Jewish community, identifying what works well and what does not, so that, through an honest accounting, we can find solutions that will be successful.

Checkout my podcast:

I feel that as an advocate for people with special needs I need to take a stand on all injustices.

Checkout my article in Times of Israel - this time I was fighting on behalf of the other. Have you ever wondered about foreign workers and their lives?

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