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Caily Is Turning 4!

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Wow – 4 years. We have endured so much hard work, so many challenges and such unbelievable joy and delight from our princess.

When Caily was born we sent an email to friends and family and to 8000 people on the JICNY list that we had a baby. 3 days later we sent another email informing the world that she had Down syndrome. “Our beautiful princess was born with challenges” To us she will always be our princess.

Last week my older kids were off school and we went away for 1 night without Caily. We all missed her and yearned for her. The recent Time Magazine had an article on Down syndrome and how non invasive testing will reduce the number of Down’s babies. Only 1/700 births are DS and with screening the number is less. The article also talks about the fact that 83 percent of siblings said they would never trade their DS sibling and 86 percent said they were better people for having a DS sibling. 93 percent of parents said knowing what they know now they would not give up the extra copy of the chromosome. Of course when you are in the situation its easier to see the positive side. But our perspective is our reality.

My reality is one of pleasure and joy. Caily is always happy and its so beautiful. She really effects people around her. I also hope she can open up the hearts of the closed.

When Caily was 5 days old a religious woman with head covering and all, said to Gavin who was holding our princess “What you didn’t do an amnio? How could you not have done an amnio and aborted?” Think whatever…just don’t say it!

In the heat of our battle with the Jewish Day School one of the machers said “You brought this problem into the world you did not have to – don’t make your problems ours.”

It is a custom to give bracha’s on one’s birthday. On Caily’s behalf I will make a blessing and plea that we treat every person as they are made in the image of God.

Originally published: February 24, 2012


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