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Celebrating 70 extraordinary women of Israel

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

As seen in the times of Israel

APR 19, 2018, 2:16 AM by Miriam Lottner

Celebrating those who have made the Jewish state their home, giving of themselves and their diverse talents

Happy 70th Birthday Israel!

Our land of hopes and dreams, millennia of yearning and prayer, and salvation.

As we reach this incredible milestone, I’m forced to think about the generations that came before us, their want and need of safety, home, purpose, spirit, tradition, and family.

What causes someone to leave everything they have known before and take a chance? A chance of a fledgling country, on finding and fitting in somewhere new, or a start-up nation wonder while battling a totally different language, culture and fate than everything they have ever known before?

19. Jodi Samuels 

Originally from New York City, Jodi has over 20 years of management and startup experience working in not-for-profit and for-profit businesses including finance, fashion and beauty sectors. Jodi successfully started two non-profit Jewish organizations including the Jewish International Connection NY (JICNY) in 2001 that currently boasts 10,000 members from 40 countries and runs sold-out events in the New York, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Jodi recently sold her online marketing business jmediaconnections where she had successfully built jdeal NY, Buy Israel Week, jgives and jblasts. In addition to being a community activist, Jodi has a passion for moving the needle on inclusion in the special needs world. Jodi has devoted hundreds of hours in making sure her daughter Caila is fully included in Israeli society and receives the support necessary to be included in a regular school. To this end, she developed and maintain a Facebook advocacy page called Cailysworld, and she writes a popular blog on Metroimma. Jodi is a mother of three great kids and she and her husband Gavin live in Jerusalem. The Samuels are world renowned for graciously hosting hundreds of people every month for Shabbat meals and events in their home.


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