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Challenges in Our Lives

DON'T LIMIT YOUR CHALLENGES, CHALLENGE YOUR LIMITS. I read this sign yesterday and I thought good point. 1 hour later I was having my limits challenged. It was another crazy week in my life. While I pack things in, I am very organized but sometimes I guess life just does not go as planned. Yesterday I was sitting in a meeting when my assistant kept calling and messaging “Call me urgently” then I saw similar message from our hostess for the evening event. The host had an emergency and she could not host on her outdoor terrace.

Now what. We had wine, food, Instacart all delivered to her building and I needed to get the stuff and take it somewhere…but where…

We were expecting 70 guests. I kept thinking I do this as a volunteer why am I been given this challenge on an extremely busy day just a few hours before the event?

Fortunately a friend came to my rescue and hosted the event in her home. A good guy I have never met saw me struggling with all the stuff, sweating like crazy and clearly not managing. He brought his car around and helped me get it to the new location.

I learnt many lessons from this crazy story:

Chutzpah - I asked every single person I knew if they could host. I knew it was short notice and a huge ask but I reminded myself I can ask and they can say no!

Mission - I kept reminding myself why I do the work I do. This was about the mission and our goals as an organization it was not about ME.

Team - Your team is your hidden power! I could not have managed without a capable assistant who stayed up until 3am Israel time managing logistics.

Brain trust - I had to make decisions really quick with imperfect information and options that were not ideal. Knowing who to call and trusting their guidance is invaluable.

Gratitude - I was so grateful to my friend who offered her home and the stranger who helped me schlep. It’s good to remember there are angels out there!

Spouse- thanks Gavin Samuels for stopping everything and helping me through the crises. Knowing that you are my knight in shining armor always helps dealing with all life’s challenges

Calm - I actually was remarkably calm. I finished my meeting and cancelled my next meeting. I walked to Bryant Park and found a chair in the shade and started calling and messaging everyone frantically. But I was calm and rational. Once I had a solution I went into action mode and we had a great event.

Wine- yes work hard and play hard. I deserved my wine! It was also an opportunity to stop and appreciate my blessings and give thanks to God for creating all the blessings.

In this weeks Torah portion Masei…Journeys we learn about the Bnei Israel traveling for 40 years through the desert. It was not easy, they did not know their destination, no ETA and challenging and trying circumstances, but they did it. Each stop was an opportunity for growth and development. Each stop another rung on the spiritual ladder of life. Likewise for all of each we can see challenges as an opportunity to grow and achieve in this journey called life.


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