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Chutzpah, Wisdom and Wine- Book Review

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

As it appeared in Shiloh Musings

"Chutzpah, Wisdom and Wine- The Journey of an Unstoppable Woman" by Jodi Samuels is a very unique memoir.

Samuels tells honestly of her life, a journey full of surprise turns. Think of buying a ticket to an unknown destination on a route full of surprises. No doubt that in another decade or so, Jodi Samuels will treat us to Part 2. I'm looking forward to more of her adventures.

Jodi Samuels pulls no punches when describing her background. Her conventional Jewish South African childhood wasn't what you'd expect for a Jerusalemite, who routinely entertains dozens of disparate guests, including strangers, at Shabbat meals, travels the world beyond frugally, while strictly observing Shabbat and kashrut. Simultaneously she is an adventurous serial entrepreneur and has established a number of international charities. Samuels is also a wife and mother; one of her children has Downs, which requires even more of her time and effort.

No doubt you've heard the adage:

And since, Jodi Samuels is beyond busy, she gets much more done than the few sic things I've mentioned.

Jodi Samuels and her husband didn't take the simple aliyah route my husband and I did from hometown chuppah to Israel. They first lived in some of the most out of the way locations in Australia, where her purification "dips" in the mikvah had to be daytime on deserted beaches. Not even Chabad could provide something better. From there they ended up in the polar opposite sort of location, the Upper West Side of Manhattan. In between "breaths" Samuels travels; she visited forty foreign countries before the birth of her first child. Samuels and her husband now have three children. Two of her tricks are sleeping very little and making lists.

I can't do Chutzpah, Wisdom and Wine justice; it's exhausting just trying to list Samuels' accomplishments. You must read the book yourself and give it as gifts. It's inspiring; Jodie Samuels is truly inspiring!


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