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Day 14 - War in Israel

No Sunday, no Monday, No Tuesday - just days of war

No sleep, just terrifying nights. The nightmares, the acute awareness of each sound, the fear that “they” are coming, the gun shots in the distance, the constant fighter jets heading south

No walk in my peaceful neighborhood without wondering where I would run if there is a siren and jumping at each sound that could be a siren

No ignoring how many homes are shuttered up as the foreigners have left leaving those with no foreign passports, those with kids and husbands in the army and those who are unable to leave

No end to the racing thoughts about the hostages and what they are enduring. I keep thinking of the families, the trauma of just waiting and not knowing about love ones

No peace, even if I have appreciation that Jerusalem does not have many sirens

No amount of thanks can show gratitude to the soldiers, the volunteers and those that believe we will be successful

No end to my wonder at the incredible resilience of Israelis

No possibility that I can stop scrolling, seeing updates and watching the news. This is my country, my future, my home, my kid’s future at stake

No limit to my shock at watching history repeat itself

No question that antisemitism is as alive and well as ever

No end to the disbelief of so much vile hate and such blatant media bias

No comprehension how those that support Hamas and other evil are so oblivious that they too will be hated if they let hate win. There will be no tolerance for alternative lifestyles, women’s rights, freedom of speech, right to protest and everything they value

No understanding and forgiveness for the silence especially of those that I thought were friends

No ability to focus on work

No amount of tears are enough for the beautiful souls who did not choose this war and we know there will be more tragic loss.

No end to the rumbling fear deep inside me, wondering will the army come through?

No ability to hide my doubts of where Hashem was on the 7th of October and wondering if we count on divine protection?

No end to the messages of love and support coming in

No doubt that without Israel the world would be infinitely more scary for Jews

This week’s Torah potion of Noah we learn how about the destruction of “Hamas” which means violence or robbery in Hebrew. May the merits of the Jewish people and the constant giving wipe out evil and protect our nation.


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