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Echoes of the Past: Understanding the Rising Tide of Antisemitism

I keep wondering what Jews were feeling in the late 1930’s… I imagine it’s similar to now. A mixture of fear, disbelief and hope that things will get better and not worse.

It’s not getting better any time soon. There were so many hate crimes in one weekend in major U.S. communities this past week.

Canada is trying to stop ritual slaughter, resume funding of the UNWRA, and cease the sale of military supplies to Israel. London city center is a no-go one for Jews. We have seen the police either stand by watching pro-Israel demonstrators get harassed or arrest them. Every city with Jews has the same damning stories of hate.

Hate messages slip through social media and make it to major billboards. Hate speech on campus, hate speech on the streets. Switch the word Jews for any other minority and there would be an uproar and riots.

Bots take over social media posts. I could not even remove the hate messages that were posted for my grandson’s brit on my private page. There were just too many…..

After 5+ months, you would think that we would have grown weary of your hatred, the gaslighting and your appropriation of our history, like the Holocaust and the genocide that we experienced. We have seen distortion of facts and history before.

Jews worldwide are fearful. We are exhausted. But do not think for one second that we will surrender.

We cannot be broken. The more darkness you bring, only increases our light. The more you hate, the more our love shines through. Love for our people, love for our history, and love for our children and grandchildren. Love for our future. We will dispel the darkness with our light.

Jews in Israel will continue to support Israel. We will fund soldiers with the most effective and cutting-edge tactical equipment. We won’t become complacent as we know Hezbollah and Hamas don’t suffer donor fatigue. Their highly trained and equipped soldiers are focused on our annihilation. We know you don’t value life and have hundreds of thousands of foot soldiers. We are small in number but determined. We will win and the good people in this world will respect us for winning. For those that don’t we will continue to build our dynamic and moral society anyway.

The only difference from now and 1938 is one word – ISRAEL

We survived thousands of years of persecution.

We will survive your hate and your gaslighting.

We already know the ending.

We will WIN.


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