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Friendship Set on Fire

Thirty years ago when we were “young and dumb” we sealed the deal under the chuppah! Saturday is our English anniversary and Saturday night is our Hebrew anniversary. Yes a huge Mazal Tov to us!

In our uncomplicated youth we never analyzed every “what if”. Even if we did analyze more I don’t think we would have had the discussion how do you handle if you have a child born with Down syndrome? We certainly never imagined living in 5 countries, countless apartments and traveling the world to visit 90 countries. Gavin said 2 hours into that first date he decided I was the one for him. He loved my passion…little did he know the journey it would take him on.

Our life has not always been simple but full of twists and turn. We certainly have lived life in full throttle and we never missed an opportunity for fun and adventure. When you and your life partner travel this journey called life with the same passions, goals and values you can accomplish a depth of relationship that continues to grow. I truly believe the key to our relationship is a deep friendship set on fire.

Thanks Gavin for always teaching me that when we love, we always strive to become better than we are.

As the Jewish proverb says “Only love gives us the taste of eternity.”


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