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Happily Married 20 Years

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Today is my anniversary. To get married means that statistically you managed to find the one person for you. After all 50 percent are not the right gender, then you have to find those in your age group, religious level and financial bracket. You then have to be in the same geographic area and actually have the opportunity to meet. Further you eliminated those that your mother would not like, your friend dated, the one that is too short and too tall etc. Then you go on date one and you usually have to be open minded to do date two and you finally have to be brave enough to actually commit to a lifetime with someone who sees the world differently, has family dynamics that are foreign and cannot remember to ever put the toilet seat down. No wonder they say finding your match is a miracle on the same level as parting of the sea.

Of course once you are married you have to beat the 45 percent plus divorce statistic and then you want to be the small percent that is married and happy. So to make the 20 year mark as a happy couple is truly worthy of a l’chaim.

My toast is to my dear hubby who is a great hands on dad, involved in every aspect of our kids lives. To a man who follows the advice that to have a successful marriage you have to give (the root of the the word LOVE in Hebrew is to give) and Gavin wakes up each day and sincerely asks how he can make me happy, a man who has brought flowers home for Shabbat for 20 years just to bring joy to me. For living his life at my pace which sometimes feels like a high speed car chase. For partnering with me on mission to change the Jewish people. For fighting side by side with me to get Caily included in school and community. For being my greatest defender and willing to take on anyone who unfairly challenges me. For always dodging a bullet when I say I am fat by answering someone is speaking lashon hara (speaking badly) about my wife. For finding my quirks cute and tolerating my craziness with things like not changing diapers. For being an adventurous traveler (over 60 countries) with 3 kids backpacking through exotic countries while living on peanut butter, crackers and cheese sticks. For taking risks and following my crazy ideas like buying an apartment with a foreign credit card cash advance. For always supporting me in my dreams. For loving me unconditionally.

L’chaim to 120 years and a blessing to those searching for their beshert may they be revealed soon and that you have a loving. committed relationship

Originally published: August 4, 2013


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