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I Am Starting This Blog As Many Urged Me To Share My Story, My Life And How I Make It All Happen

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

I am starting this blog as many of you have urged me to share my story, my life and how I make it all happen

Some quick facts:

I met my husband at age 18

We married young and have been married almost 17 years

I refused to start a family until I had seen 40 countries – I have now seen 67 countries

We lived in 5 countries in 9 cities and 28 apartments before settling in Manhattan 10 years ago

I don’t change diapers that’s right 3 children and about 13,000 diapers changes and I am still holding out

I host about 1000 people just for Shabbat meals each year and another 1000 people for other events

I juggle building my business, running a nonprofit and 3 kids

We traveled as a family 93 days last year

We go out every night – unless we are hosting in our home

My baby has special needs and I am the CEO of her intervention team

My husband and I truly share in parenting and household chores

We have no family in the US

I sleep 4 hours a night

In my blog I will share insights into marriage, parenting, special needs children, advocacy, travel, entertaining; balancing work and life – you will learn about my world real time!


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