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If Life Was About Mojitos

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

I have a stressful life, as I’m sure you do too! I remind myself that our Torah has profound teachings. We learn from our Immahot (Biblical Mothers) about their trials and tribulations from barrenness to marriage issues. If life was meant to be simple our Immahot would be drinking mojitos on a Caribbean beach…

So how do we balance this stress and crazy life? My mantra is “LIVE LOVE LEARN LAUGH”.

I really believe that to truly LIVE you have to do stuff. It takes effort to pack bags, effort to plan trips, effort to fill the calendar with fun activities. No matter how busy we always enjoy the fun stuff New York has to offer! I have already researched all the fun summer stuff in NY and our calendar is packed with free concerts, movies, walks, etc. all the way to October. Even simple things like working from Bryant Park – warm air, free internet, and classical piano at midday – little tweaks in our schedule can make life so much more fun

LOVE – as moms we know the best thing is that morning cuddle, bedtime snuggles with kids, and more. To me Love is also about putting effort to travel 17 hrs to see family, about building meaningful relationships. It’s also about doing things we LOVE. For me good wine and good chocolate is a vice. It’s also what I LOVE and I don’t deny myself some of life’s pleasures.

I love LEARNING. In my crazy schedule I read Fortune, Jerusalem Post, National Geographic, Time and more. I watch the news and take time out to learn Torah each week. To learn is to grow, to think, to experience and to evolve. I want to be wiser each day.

It is sad how seldom we truly LAUGH. I recall as a kid having a best friend and we used to giggle so much. Once we were touring London and we had an unlimited travel pass. We were giggling so much that we spent 3 hrs going up and down on one bus route until we were thrown off the bus. Crazy but an amazing memory! Gavin and I love going to comedy clubs. It’s so great to just LAUGH. I also laugh at myself often – it’s good to have a sense of humor when you see your crazy self.

Moms – the world is crazy, and life has stresses, but remember the Four Ls and have that mojito to toast yourself!

Originally published: June 3, 2012


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