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Leaping to the Challenge

A couple of weeks ago I went zip lining in Thailand. Even though I have done it before I start out anxious. Filled with fear I jump off a high platform supported by rope and cables. A mixture of fear and thrill I move with incredible speed through the air to the next platform.

In life, we metaphorically, regularly jump off a platform supported by our values, Torah teachings, education, family and friends. We can sometimes see the other end but the journey swinging from a cable perched high above is sometimes simply scary. We have the choice to look out and appreciate the endless beauty, we can look down only and increase our fear or we can close our eyes and submit to whatever will be.

The landing can be ungraceful and you could stumble. Lucky there are guides to help.

Once safely on your new platform, which is a higher one with more challenges and thrills you have no choice but to keep moving. Jumping to the next reality.

At times it can seem long, exhausting, another climb up the stairs, walks on swinging bridges only to arrive at a higher place and to jump again.

On Rosh Hashana we have the opportunity to begin again; to start over. Perhaps the message is to learn to balance our ability to live in the present and appreciate the moment, even learning to be in the moment; every moment, while at the same time, learn the power of being able to change and be accepting of the future. To appreciate the beauty of joy inherent in every given moment, and yet be accepting of and open to whatever life’s next moment has to bring.

Shana tova! May it be a sweet new year!


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