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Life Is Like An Ice-Cream

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Do you recall when you we’re a child and the last 5 minutes at the end of a boring math class felt like FOREVER? And don’t you feel that as an adult, our weeks and months fly by with ever increasing speed?

Pirkei Avot -Ethics of our Fathers caution how we look at time and priorities: “Do not say, when I have time I will learn because you may never have the time.”

Objectively and subjectively, the lives we live at the pace that we live is crazy and we all develop coping mechanisms and strategies to try bring some order and control to our lives. I have everything on highly organized on “to do” lists. There are items that have been in my Outlook Tasks folder in red (meaning “overdue”) for 6 years. For example – the bag of print photos under my desk that needs to be put in photo albums albums. As my kids would say a task from the “olden days”

The reality is that in a fast-paced world, some things just don’t get done and some opportunities are missed

In general I am known as someone who achieves a lot. We go out every night, travel, entertain and work hard. To me life is like an ice-cream you have to eat it before it melts.

Here are some lessons from a mom, wife, entrepreneur, world traveler, community activist, special needs advocate:

1. I never go to sleep before my “To Do” list is done for the next day. I constantly rewrite my To Do list to reflect shifting priorities. I highlight the 10 things that no matter what I have to get done

2. I schedule everything that is important for me, date nights, kids ballet concerts etc. Once it’s in my calendar I make sure it happens

3. I have a motto” If it’s important to you it’s important to me” – so if my kids wants me to come to an event that is important to them, it becomes a priority for me

4. I plan ahead – that’s how to get great deals on travel. My friends know that I book any free Shabbat I have months in advance and dinner dates with friends likewise. We all have crazy schedule so advanced planning makes catching up possible

5. I make time to network. I meet people who want my help and meet people that are valuable to connect with. I block off certain times so it does not overwhelm my schedule. The benefits of networking is that you become a connector which is valuable whether you are dealing with the business world or advocating for inclusion for your special needs child

6. Me time – I schedule 4 hrs of gym/swim/workout every week

Living life to its fullest requires planning and focus but we all know that you should eat the ice-cream before it melts. So live boldly, love intensely and laugh with zest.

Originally published: June 14, 2013


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