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Life Isn’t About Finding Yourself, Life Is About Creating Yourself

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

I just completed an inspiring and adventurous 10 days leading a group of Manhattan moms on a mission to Israel – The Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project -a free trip for moms, Birthright style. Lori Palatnick is the visionary leader behind the trip and she saw the potential to provide moms with a profound Jewish experience and how this experience can impact not only their lives but the lives of their families and communities. One of the themes woven through the fabric of the learning is the concept of self growth and using Torah wisdom as a guide for this journey. It is truly amazing to see how great an impact 10 days can have on people. The variety of experiences, places visited and Torah insights provided made of all us think a lot about our lives, our priorities and how we can become better wives, mothers and community participants.

Gavin and I run the Jewish International Connection NY. We are in contact with thousands of people each year. So many people are searching and trying to find themselves and have been doing so for years…… Many have moved to a New York City, are looking for a new job or a new dating scene all in the hope that the journey will help them find them self. But many drift endlessly in a sea of self-doubt and uncertainty without ever finding this elusive “self”.

The truth is that the “finding oneself” approach is just too unfocused, passive and senseless. We don’t find ourselves, we rather take a much more active and proactive stance, decide who we want to be, what we want to make of our lives, who we want to spend our lives with and then we go and get that. All of it…..

Throughout the trip, I saw women who were given the tools of Torah wisdom to create themselves into the person they were seeking for a very long time but who, as it turns out, was right there besides them all along.

Originally published: July 16, 2013


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