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  • Jodi Samuels

Make the Time, Take the Time

Life is very busy these days for everyone, especially with the upcoming holiday of Passover coming up in just over a week that requires significant planning, effort, and preparation.

This is in addition to being busy juggling every role for everyone else: bus, breadwinner, housekeeper, psychologist, nurse, entrepreneur, CEO of our households, cook, schlepper, shopper, keep-it-all-togetherer: all while working as if we don’t have children, and being with the children as if we don’t have jobs.

But what about YOU? So many of us feel that if we take time for ourselves, we will drop the ball on everything else. It feels impossible to take time.

In one of my talks, I explain why I included Wine in the title of my book (Chutzpah, Wisdom and Wine). While I’m famous for liking my wine and appreciating its spiritual connotations, wine also represents something that people tend to forget.

It’s ok to complain about all of our responsibilities, and laugh at how we juggle them and how we tend to put ourselves last on the list of priorities - but what’s the solution?

Wine is the solution - even when it’s just a metaphoric one: the ability to stop, take time out, to enjoy, to appreciate blessings… Us moms (and caretakers) have to work hard but also play hard.

You know when you’re on a plane, they do the whole safety demo and they tell you that should pressure drop in the cabin, masks will come down with oxygen? They always instruct the parents to put the mask on themselves first before putting it on their children, because if you can’t breathe, you can’t help your child. Well - same thing.

You must make the time for YOU.

Schedule in something for yourself - walk, hike, get to the gym - do something you value, something that YOU want to do. And the enjoy a glass - even if it’s not really wine, take some time for yourself. It is rejuvenation for the soul.

This is the key to success, to balancing it all.


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