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Marriage – Scary or Inspiring

Last night we were asked to be part of a singles event on Marriage- a panel of 3 couples, a moderator, and over 50 singles. We all agreed that marriage is hard work, that after a while you realize you did not marry the person you thought you did, and that if you stop working on it for just one day, the relationship goes backwards. In spite of this, we all unanimously said the results and the satisfaction are more than worth the effort. What do you think, did we inspire or scare them???

The girls were inspired and the guys were scared!!!!

Afterwards, 3 girls came and asked me, “What do men really look for in a woman?”

I answered them, “A woman who loves and respects them unconditionally.” I explained my theory that every man lives with a fear that he will not be a good enough lover, provider, or father. When he finds the woman who makes him feel safe, he marries her. You may disagree with me, but often you will see a guy who dates the sexy blond with knee high boots but marries plane Jane. A few guys who overheard our discussion agreed. You must also remember that even if he married you because he felt safe with you, you can never stop reassuring him. We must always stroke our husband’s egos. It’s the glue that makes the whole thing stick together.

Yet even when you each find the one you love and feel safe with, you have to work really hard to keep the relationship growing. So my conclusion is- marriage is like rowing upstream, if you stop, it goes backwards…but ultimately, it’s worth it!


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