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My New Year’s Resolutions

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Temira, age seven, recently said to me, “Imma, since Caily was born everything has been different.”

I was expecting a deep and meaningful conversation about how having a sister with Down syndrome has impacted her life. When I simply inquired, “Why?” She responded, “That is when you started jdeal and Metroimma, and since then you have so many meetings and you are always busy.” Dagger straight to my heart!!!!!!

So you can guess my New Year’s resolution: Work Life Balance. I have decided to sleep more. While it does not solve the problem of needing more hours a day to run jdeal, Metroimma, JICNY, Caily’s World and to be mom and wife, sleeping more is significant. It’s not that I get grouchy or focus better, it’s simply the boldest declaration I can make to myself about balance.

I also want to give more. I would say that Gavin and I have a very open home and we do alot for the community. Over the last year I have felt myself less willing to give unconditionally. We have just had one too many bad experiences. I guess seeing the true color of many supposed leaders and respected community people while we have been fighting for Caily’s right to inclusion simply jaded me. I sat in shul thinking about these disappointing characters. I thought about how many sold theirs souls and values for money and power. And I decided then that the antidote to their poison is not to be like them but to show even more kindness. I am making every effort to reach out, specifically to those who would be ignored by the “high and mighty” in our community.

All the darkness in the world cannot squash the flame of a candle. Likewise, small drops of kindness can be flames in the world of darkness.

Metroimmas, share your resolutions here.

Originally published: October 6, 2011


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