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Putting the Jerusalem into JICNY

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

As seen in the Jerusalem Post

ByKEREN PREISKEL MAY 11, 2016 10:58

Via Australia and New York City, a welcome newcomer on the Holy City social scene.

In recent years, the Jerusalem social scene has become increasingly vibrant, with a range of activities to cater for every taste and back - ground. One relative newcomer is Jewish International Connec- tion New York (JICNY), a non-profit founded by South African hus- band-and-wife team Gavin and Jodi Samuels.

JICNY has been operating in New York since December 2000 and has been responsible for at least 108 matches made through people meeting at its events.

One of the key attributes of JICNY that makes it so successful is its personal touch, as well as the fact that all of the events have an inti- mate feeling, often being held in the Samuels family home. The events are not too large and always have copious amounts of good food and wine, of particular importance at a Jewish event! Their children, Meron (14), Temira (11) and Caila (eight), have been involved with JICNY from birth and can frequently be seen at the events laying tables, pouring wine or giving divrei Torah . It is unusual and refreshing to see children, particularly teenagers, so willing to be involved in hosting regular events and meals at their home, and not objecting to 40 to 50 strangers sharing their Shabbat table. ALTHOUGH JICNY was created in New York in 2000, the seeds were planted many years before.


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