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Rising Against Hate: How Jewish Resilience Confronts Global Antisemitism

Chaim Weizmann the Israeli President addressed the 22nd Zionist Congress, December 1, 1946

"Now in the light of past and present events the bitter truth must be spoken. We feared too little and we hoped too much. We underestimated the bestiality of the enemy; we overestimated the humanity, the wisdom, the sense of justice of our friends."

Oh how true these worlds are today 79 years after the war. The Jews again are living in truly scary times. Hate is reaching Jews from all corners of the globe. Who would have thought America we would be a new epicenter of antisemitism? We live in a generation where facts matter little. The absurdity of university students celebrating Hamas’s rape and murder spree against women and children is beyond comprehension. Osama Bin Laden, one of the greatest murders of Americans is being hailed a hero! The silence of politicians and their failure to act shocks us even more.

These students are privileged young people. The only way they can find meaning is through outrage and anger. They have never faced adversity so they have

NO resilience.

NO critical thinking skills.

NO purpose.

NO true passion.

NO ability to see the other it’s only “I”

It’s is exactly these reasons why we Jews can be optimistic. We know in every generation they will try and destroy us. We also know, we have the antidote. Resilience, is part of our DNA through generations of struggles. We have clarity of our purpose in this world and a strong identity. Our commitment to community, giving and repairing the world is our key to redemption.

Each one of us can shine a light into the darkness and explain who and what the Jewish Nation represents.

Shabbat shalom


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