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Selfless Giving

One of the most endearing images from this week when Israel was pummeled by over 800 missiles from Gaza was an image of two soldiers sheltering a kid from a missile. In the panic to find a protected space a young child had separated from his mom. You have less than 2 minutes to find shelter which is almost impossible on the road where they were driving. The panicked mom looked up and saw two soldiers sheltering her son.

In this weeks Torah portion Behar-Bechukotai we learn about selfless giving.

One such example we are instructed to loan money to a person in need without interest. Basically help someone without any expectation of return even when arguably you can earn more return at the bank or an investment.

When you give to others of your time, money or help remember that it’s about them and not you. Imagine those soldiers in the moment protecting a kid. A true opportunity to selflessly give. This Shabbat let’s remember that givers are actually the receivers.

Shabbat Shalom


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