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Seriously… Can My Dog Be Depressed?

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

I always joke that my white fluffy Maltese is my first born. One night we walked passed a pet store. I asked how much she was and they offered for me to play with her upstairs in a small room. Of course, they knew I would never leave without her.

$1800 later my most expensive spontaneous purchase came home with us. Gavin wanted to call her cocaine as she cost more per gram and was the same color.

I still laugh at a moment I had when I was pregnant with my first and I was worried if I could not love the baby as much as the dog. From the day she came home with us she has slept on a cushion between us. She can be a pain and after her we decided no kids can sleep in our bed.

So here is the dilemma. The first day in our house she bonded with a stuffed monkey fluffy toy. She shlepped this monkey everywhere even though it was way bigger than her. Eventually Monkey’s head fell off, it was losing its stuffing and was a health hazard. We gave her a new monkey and threw out the old one. She did not bond with the new monkey. She cried all day, slept under my bed. Levana is the most people friendly dog and for three months, when we has guests, she stayed under my bed. We tried many new toys and nothing helped.

Finally, she took a liking to white fluffy dog and adopted this as her new baby. Now this toy is in the same disgusting state and I am concerned it’s a health hazard. I hid the dog last week to see how she would react and she cried all day.

Metroimmas, has anyone ever found themselves with an upset pet? Or have you had a similar story with one of your kids? If you have any suggestions for saving Levana from her woes, please share them here.

Originally published: August 27, 2010


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