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  • Jodi Samuels

The Best Kind Of Gift

We have just entered Kislev the month of joy. Chanukah is around the corner and soon we will be inundated with messages for the perfect Chanukah gift.

Yes, gifts are nice to give, and fun to receive. Isaac and Rivkah on this weeks Torah portion teach us what genuine gifting is all about. The gift of prayer.

Prayer is called a labor of the heart. To pray for someone with all your heart and soul. What a beautiful gift. When we pray for someone, we are giving from our heart. It is a gift that is everlasting. It will never go out of style, it will never be dated. It’s the most meaningful gift a husband or wife can give each other, a parent or grandparent can give a child, or one friend to another.

Isaac prayed for Rivkah, and Rivkah prayed for Isaac, together they prayed for a child. The Talmud teaches: Anyone who prays on behalf of a friend, and is in need of that very same thing, he is answered first.

This year let’s skip gift and send a message that says “I care about you. I love you. You are always in my prayers.” No matter what, everyone needs a prayer. It’s a gift of love.

Shabbat shalom

First published on November 5, 2021

Parshat Toldot, Rosh Chodesh Kislev


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