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The Modern Jewish Home – She’s Taking Care of Business! [audio] ?

As seen on Israel News Talk

Corporate tycoon Estée Lauder, was known to say, “I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.”

Want to grow your business? Just as modern Jewish women everywhere want life at home to be happy and functioning, we all dream of success in the workplace. On today’s show, Heather gathers wisdom and practical tips from three of today’s great ladies who lead.

Check out how Edie Berg, founder and producer of The Strong Jewish Women’s Podcast, and The Strong Jewish Women’s Summit empowers Jewish women around the world by helping them connect with each other, and by helping them build their businesses with “Mastermind” events.

Also, Heather is on location with Jodi Samuels, the dynamic leader of such successful Jewish organizations as Jewish International Connection New York (JICNY), JMedia, and her popular online community for Jewish moms called MetroImma. Find out Jodi’s secret to staying productive every minute, how she inspires everyone on her team to share her passion and vision, and exactly how Jodi puts together her signature gala events!

Journalist, educator and community theater director Toby Klein Greenwald rounds out the show by sharing what motivated her to contribute her talents to a wide variety of projects and services, and how each of us can follow our dreams. As Toby puts it: “Today, there is nothing to stand in the way of a woman who wants to accomplish something.”


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The Modern Jewish Home 22March2017 – PODCAST


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