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June 28, 2017Heather Dean,Latest Shows,The Modern Jewish Home

We’ve grown accustomed to hearing great advice from a lot of experts in a variety of professions on “The Modern Jewish Home.” But this week, we are peeling back the curtain to reveal the real-life challenges (and victories!) that some of our favorite experts live with on a daily basis.

One of the Jewish world’s most innovative leaders and visionaries, Jodi Samuels, was Heather’s guest on an earlier show and told us all about her remarkable organization, Jewish International Connection New York (JICNY). This week, Jodi is on “The Modern Jewish Home” to talk about being a mother of her sweet daughter, Caila, who is a child with Downs Syndrome. Jodi will tell us all about how she and her husband advocated – and still advocate – on Caila’s behalf for a proper education and other basic rights that every child should have.

Later, author and popular public speaker Orit Esther Riter is dropping by to let us in on her experience with Multiple Sclerosis, and how her emuna (faith in God) carries her through the many struggles and challenges that go with being a patient with this autoimmune disease. Her amazing story will stay with you during your next challenge.

Chef Ahuva Staum, the founder of Wish-It-Dish-It catering, rounds out the show today with a very ‘personal’ collection of her all-time-favorite recipes on this very special occasion, Ahuva’s birthday! Lucky for us, these are mostly one-dish meals which are real crowd-pleasers.


JODI SAMUELS: Visit: JICNY.com Visit: Jgives.com Visit: MetroImma.com Email: Jodi@MetroImma.com

ORIT ESTHER RITER Website: DailyDoseofEmuna.com Email: oritriter@gmail.com

AHUVA STAUM Website: widicaterIng.com

LINK to AHUVA STAUM’S RECIPES ON THIS SHOW: www.widicatering.com/portfolio/ahuv…one-pot-meals/

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