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The Power of Belief

If you know me, you know how focused I have been on having my daughter with special needs included in society. I feel like I literally put on boxing gloves every day to fight in order to make the world more inclusive for her and others. This week I read something and I was stopped in my tracks.

I have heard so much noise about my daughter’s challenges. I have not been able to find her a place that we think is an appropriate educational fit. A place where she could reach her potential and have support. All the noise has distracted me from believing in her abilities.

In this week’s Torah portion, Shelach there is a verse that says the reason the spies felt that they could not conquer the land of Israel was because, “we see ourselves as grasshoppers”, as too small, but then they add “so we were in their eyes.” The Kotzker Rebbe points out that this is the psychological sin – we thought we were so small and were convinced that not only that’s how we see ourselves, but that’s how everybody sees us. Their belief went as far as thinking that even Hashem couldn’t help us. 

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks of blessed memory once shared a profound insight from his own life. He spoke of the incredible privilege he had of knowing and working with people who believed in him more than he believed in himself. This simple yet transformative idea holds the key to overcoming imposter syndrome.

When we truly believe in the potential of those around us, we can help them break free from their self-imposed limitations. It’s my job to step back from the noise and believe in Caila.

Simply it’s the Power of #Belief.

Shabbat Shalom

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Mike Kapic
Mike Kapic
28 jun

Thank you for sharing. We're all ensnared in the struggle of attempting to meet God's Plan.

Me gusta
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