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The Shabbos Project

This week Jews come together in more than 1,500 cities and 104 countries around the world in a spirit of unity to welcome in this year's Shabbos Project. In Tel Aviv there are many big events and my organization JIC is a co-sponsor of an event that has over 1000 Young Professionals coming together. 12 different organizations are all joining to unite Jews from all around the world who now live in Israel from all backgrounds and religious levels.

This weeks Torah portion is Vayeira and it recounts in meticulous detail our founding father Abraham's warmth, hospitality and kindness to others.

Our sages teach us that Abraham's tent was always open on all four sides, so that anyone needing rest and comfort and shelter could enter. Like Abraham the Shabbat Project is an opportunity to invite all Jews to our communities and home! BC - Before Covid we used to have over 1000 shabbat guests a year. We have met the most fascinating and interesting people! My children get to travel the world in their dining room. Let’s not make Shabbat and welcoming people a once a year mega event. I promise you will not be disappointed!

Shabbat shalom


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