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  • Jodi Samuels

The Stork Doesn’t Live Up To Its Name

The stork is a forbidden animal. The Torah does not waste words so why is the stork mentioned in the details of which animals are kosher and which are not kosher, and how we can identify them. In Hebrew its name, חֲסִידָה (chassida), means kindness - yet it’s a forbidden animal. Why? Because a stork shares its food, but selectively - only with those that it likes. This is the quality that makes the stork impure.

Talk about a power lesson! Kindness should not only be reserved for people we like or feel comfortable with - kindness is for everyone.

It’s always easy to be kind to people we like, know or who are in our comfort zone. This Shabbat let’s find opportunities to give to people we don’t know, and be kind to the “other”. Kindness is free, and a gift we can all afford to give.

Shabbat Shalom


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