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Through My Eyes

Temira is 10 years old and had always shown maturity beyond her years. She is reading a book about a girl who has a special needs sister and this inspired her poems. I feel that I want to share her thoughts. When Caily was born we were not sad, we were not mad. I only had one big fear – how would having a sister with Down syndrome impact Caily’s siblings.

Through my eyes

By Temira Samuels

Try to see the world through my eyes

You might be surprised

Now I can walk and walk

Talk and talk

Like everyone else

When I talk it makes sense

If only you would believe

You could see how much I achieve

I painted your black and white world

And now my story is told

My daughter

By Temira Samuels

My daughter is very wise

If only she could shed her disguise

Then they could see her real self

And they wouldn’t treat her like a stupid elf

You will see how she is meant to be

We will see – you and me

As she is growing

It will start showing

Who she is

And she is not a quizz

Originally published: April 20, 2015


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