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Tomorrow is Another Day to Make Dreams Come True

I recently liked a cute Facebook post, “Tomorrow is another day to make dreams come true”.

I went on a tiyul that visited communities in the south of Israel. These border communities endured the war this past summer where they had to run for the bomb shelters up to forty times a day. One kibbutz had more than forty missiles land within their grounds and sadly they lost a beautiful 4 year old child in one of the attacks.

I listened to so many stories of brave people who told us about life down south, about the sacrifices they make and how they recognize they are the front lines in the next conflict which they believe is just a matter of time. Yet they spoke of rebuilding too. One kibbutz lost seventeen families who decided not to return after the war yet they were on a mission to rebuild with new families and so far, six new families have joined the kibbutz.

Living in Israel is on the one hand inspiring and fulfilling but it’s also full of challenges. These brave souls who chose to live their lives at the frontiers of the country despite the danger because not doing so would weaken our rightful claim to this land and create a vacuum that would be filled by those working to engulf our country.

Like these kibbutzniks and other pioneers we are the ones who believe Tomorrow is another day to make dreams come true – another day when we use our idealism in our own way to change the world.

Originally published: February 3, 2015


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