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Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Let’s admit we are all spending a lot of time on social media.  We can use this time productively.....

According to Jewish philosophy a person’s true character is ascertained by three parameters: his cup (i.e., his behavior when he drinks), his pocket (i.e., his financial dealings), and his anger (Rabbi Ilai, Eruvin 65b).

I think there should be another one added “how he (or she) behaves on social media....”

 It’s interesting to watch people’s characters unfold.  You can learn so much (especially relevant for dating)

  • What are they posting?

  • How do they respond?

  • Are they dogmatic? Opinionated? Worldly? Funny? Honest?

  • Can they see another persons point of view?

  • Do they show sensitivity to others situations?

  • Do others’ opinions count or just their own?

  • Can you agree with their political views?

  • Are they on solid footing spiritually?

  • Do they display midot of giving - raising money, volunteer projects or praying for people in need of prayers?

  • Does their family feature in their lives?

  • Do they show an interest in the world beyond their own immediate reality?

  • Who are their friends?

  • Who do they quote as sources?

The great collection of Pirkei Avot – or Sayings of our Ancestors – includes this statement: “al tistakel bakankan elah bemah sheyesh bo" – don’t look at the pitcher but rather look at what’s inside.” (Avot 4:20).   Don’t judge only by a picture, a post or a few comments on social media, but it’s certainly a stating point to identify red flags or desirable qualities that simply swiping  left or right does not give!


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