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What they are saying about the book!

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

What Everyone is Saying...


Even with her Type A personality, success and get-it-done attitude, Jodi is still vulnerable and relatable in these pages. She shares her stories - the good the bad and the ugly - and her valuable takeaways. There's something for everyone here to connect with and to apply to their lives, whether a hilarious blunder or a serious battle. A great read!

Reading Jodi’s exhilarating book is a little like opening up a Russian matroyshka doll. Stories nest inside stories, worlds reveal worlds and each time you think, that’s it! We’re here! This woman can’t possibly have done something else...but there it is. A new business, a new country, a new cause. I don’t know Jodi personally, but I am deeply inspired by her kindness, her vision and her expansiveness. Handsomely supported by her entire family, I hope this book inspires a cult of others who ask “What Would Jodi Do?” when they too come across unfairness and wrongdoing in the world. “Don’t tell me no” says Jodi, and we can all learn from her unstinting determination and extraordinary generosity. Chutzpah? Yes, but served with straight forward South African wisdom, and barrels of wine - no “h.”

An incredible story of one woman's determination to bring about change in the world and overcome any obstacles along her way. A story of how to be truly unstoppable and make a powerful impact on those around us, told in Jodi's honest and refreshing way. The book is sometimes funny, sometimes sad, always entertaining and totally inspiring! I loved every page and would highly recommend!

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From the book ""Chutzpah, Wisdom and Wine"

by Jodi Samuels

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