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Why are Israeli so opportunistic in the face of annihilation?

It feels like the world is closing in on Israel. The pitchforks and daggers are out! Jews are scared and depressed overseas. We in Israel 🇮🇱 live with the threat of annihilation daily yet Israeli’s don’t live with fear and we are not depressed. We know we will be successful, we have no other choice. This is our only home!

I went to South Africa 🇿🇦 for 4 days this week. I wanted to visit my dad and be with him on the 3rd anniversary of my mom’s passing. I had multiple speaking engagements and I spoke about living in times of war with clarity and purpose.

Here’s some insight into why things may not be as bad as they seem:

The ICJ and ICC are after Israel inspired by bad actors along with financially and morally bankrupt nations. The bad case scenario from international arrest warrants to international sanctions are frightening.

The U.S. is not a signatory to the Rome Treaty which defines the ICC. Neither Israel, as both countries did not want to have the treaty used against them. However, Gaza is a signatory and it opens a gray area. Will the US veto actions in the Security Council? We hope but not sure.

Israel sadly helped write the rules of the ICJ after the war. Ironically it’s being used against her.

However, on the other side looking at precedent and actions taken against other states, the world has not called for sanctions against Israel like they did for Russia, Iran, and other countries. Why?

The West, Suni Arab states, and other countries facing Islamic insurgencies don’t not want Iran and her proxies with power. However, many are either dealing with restless Arab immigrant populations, internal instability or close election years. They say one thing for the “street” but their actions are different. The African countries that Israel has helped and educated on farming technology value Israel. We have 100’s of million evangelical supporters. The world needs Israel to be the bad guy and do the job. Israel is also one of the only countries that militarily can do the job. Hence, they threaten but don’t pull the trigger.

Saudi Arabia and Indonesia are proceeding with diplomatic relations. Indonesia is the largest Muslim country. Just today Saudi mandated the removal of antagonist Israel language from school books! They want and need Israel 🇮🇱. They may not officially join the Arab Accords but in reality, there will be defense, intelligence, and economic deals.

Sanctions in Israel would threaten life-saving supplies of medication. Teva an Israeli pharmaceutical company supplies 75 percent of U.S. generic drugs. Apple, Microsoft, Google, Waze, Mobile Eye, and hundreds of backend software systems would be affected. Yes, iPhones and computers too. Most of the world’s cutting-edge fintech, sectech, cyber tech, and biotech would be affected. The U.S. relies on Israeli defense research and development for its cutting-edge defense weapons. One of the biggest industries and employers in the U.S. is the defense industry. Money talks.

Israel provides many of her neighbors with intelligence. Without Israel the risk of an Iranian-backed Shiite Caliphate is terrifying. Look how many years and U.S. soldiers died and how long it took to defeat the insurgency in Iraq. 5000 soldiers died just trying to recapture Mosul an area much smaller than Gaza. They hate us but they need us.

Israel’s property market is booming. The stock exchange and shekel are not impacted by these events. Foreign investment continues to flow in. Google and Apple are increasing their Israeli fingerprint. Israel has more companies worth $1 billion plus than China. Israel has the most companies listed on the Nasdaq. Pretty impressive for just 8 million people.

Finally, Aliya by choice as opposed to to people leaving countries like Ukraine and Ethiopia continues to break records.

Investors and the Jewish world know where our future is.

We have always been a nation with challenges, trials, and tribulations. We learn about the tests of the foremothers and forefathers in the Bible. If it was supposed to be easy we would learn how Rivka, Rachel, and Leah were drinking cocktails on a Caribbean beach while posting selfies.

It’s challenging but in the end, we will prevail.

Am Israel and you are invited for l’chaims - a toast “To Life” at the Samuels Shabbat Table in Jerusalem

Shabbat Shalom


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