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You Have Something On Your Nose

I recently flew to NY for work. I had a crazy schedule planned which included hosting 9 events, speaking to 5th year Medical students about being a parent of a child with Down syndrome and a few very important meetings.

The night I arrived I went to the doorman to collect packages. I was holding 3 big boxes and with no hands to spare I tried to use the corner of a box to push the elevator button. Instead I bumped my nose against a box resulting in a big scratch on the tip of my nose that started to bleed.

No matter how much I tried covering this big red patch on my nose it was still obvious. Making it worse on Friday I was showering before Shabbat and after washing my hair I dried my face and knocked off the scab so the bleeding started again just before my biggest event of the week.

I cannot tell you how many people in 1 week said: “Jodi you have something on your nose” or “you have some wine on your nose” or gestured to clean my nose.

It made me think how people who are overweight or have a hook nose, or a lisp feel. In my instance people tried to help me get rid of the nuisance. For those with physical challenges I am sure they are just as judged! I write this now sounding rational but I am extremely self conscious and it was very hard for me to face the public “with a blight on my nose”.

I thought of Caily from whom I learn so much! She is so aware of her challenges. At her school party recently kids pulled activities from a hat. One kid had to hop across the classroom. Caily whispered to me “I am glad I did not chose that I can’t hop so much”. She is intensely aware if her challenges yet in spite of them she is totally confident with who she is and what she brings to the world.

We can all learn from Caily – she does not let her challenges define her or destroy her. Only strengthen her!

Originally published: May 25, 2015


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