"I believe we all have the ability to change our own world and overcome obstacles. As a speaker, entrepreneur, full-time volunteer, connector and advocate for special needs, my passion is to see individuals be transformed and become resilient."


Title:  Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful 

Info: learning how to pivot on a crises 

  • Superwoman - redefining success

  • Changing your reality - Be the change you want to see.

  • I would not change you for the world but I would change the world for you - Raising Caila and the fight for inclusion

  • How to live an extraordinary life - live love Matter 

       - finding my voice - lessons in transforming yourself

Workshops can be customized for the audience and organization.


Some workshops include:

- Life Doesn’t have to be Perfect to be Wonderful

Reframing life’s challenges in order to pursue the life you want to live

- Raising Unexpected Leaders

What the Torah teaches us about leaders and leadership

- Hosting a Winning Shabbat Meal 

Gleaned from the example of Abraham and Sarah, tips from the family that hosts thousands of guests a year

- Raising Caila 

Advocating for more inclusive houses of worship, schools and societies

- Entrepreneur-Mom

How to find the balance between family, community, work 

- Just do it 

Lessons from Nike and Abraham: How we can juggle it all

- Lessons from the Road

How travel can inform one’s perspective

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