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A look back on Summer 2021

We have had a great summer in the US experiencing beautiful nature and having lots of very special time with our close friends. I also had the opportunity to speak in 11 communities.

Over the summer we saw so much rain. Unlike anything I have ever seen in NY with Central Park breaking 2 records and that was before last night’s storm the remnants of Hurricane Ida slamming into NY. We were in Newark waiting for our flights that were delayed and delayed until the flooding was so bad all flights were suspended. Travel on the roads was prohibited and public transport paralyzed. 14 hours after sitting in a freezing airport we managed to get a taxi to a friend.

During the long night I tried to catch up on the weekly Torah portion. Moshe lumps the blessings and the curses together, he is teaching us that we should view the curses with the same contentment as the blessings. I was pondering this as the exhaustion set on, the rain continued to pound and the news headlines reported more death destruction.

It’s a challenge to see tests as blessings especially when we are in the moment. I recall our shock when we received the diagnoses of Down syndrome for Caila. Caila has taught me the most wonderful lesson “Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful”

May we be blessed with a year of positivity, that our greatest test should be to see the blessing within a blessing.


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