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A Vision Of Tolerance

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

I recently attended and spoke at Limmud one of the largest Jewish conferences. The mission of Limmud is Jewish learning across all ages and affiliations.

I was quite inspired to be in a place where men with black hats and payers learn and teach along side Reconstructionist Rabbis. Such a breath of fresh air.

This is even more amazing when you contrast this with the hatred emanating from places like Beit Shemesh in Israel where fellow Jews fail to have basic tolerance. While we don’t need to agree with each other opinions our fundamental values of Jewish philosophy to love your fellow man is not qualified with the condition that he or she follows exactly the path that you do.

I also loved the fact that people were so motivated to learn. At meals they had take out containers so that people could learn through lunch and dinner. This was the “People of the book” drawn to the book.

One of my topics that I presented was the secret of being Super mom – mom, wife, advocate, community activist and entrepreneur. I will be sending out a copy of my talk soon which includes the value of creating a tolerant society and value for learning. Tolerance and a thirst for knowledge are two Jewish values we should all aspire for.

However, if we want our children to internalize these values we have to not only create a vision for your child to aspire to but model it for them as well.

Metroimmas, how do you model these values for your kids? Are there other values you think are key?

Originally published: January 19, 2012

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