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A Week In The Life Of Jodi

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Well it’s been a hectic week and it gets even busier. So a sneak preview into my world Friday night we hosted one of our famous international Shabbat Dinners, 96 people from 27 countries – pretty amazing. Then Saturday we had a couples Shabbat lunch in our home. 40 adults and 9 kids. Pretty crazy. The last guests left after Havdallah and then we went out on the town.

Sunday it was Gavin’s birthday and we went with 20 friends to the City Winery for Klezmer brunch. It’s a great place because the cover is just $10 and kids free. They are very kid friendly as they do not mind the kids running around. There is no food and drink minimum so the kosher crowd could nurse bottomless cups of coffee. We dropped the kids at home and went to a Bat mitzvah followed by Purim Fundraiser Gala.

Gavin left 5am Monday for a business trip leaving me the challenge of balancing it all. Monday we had a great launch event for Metroimma, a telecall with Slovie Wolff author of Raising a Child with Soul. 7am Tuesday I left home to run the JICNY networking meeting. Now finding a babysitter to be at my home 7am was a challenge. Tuesday night the JICNY group had tickets for a show and then Wed night we did the Symphony at Lincoln Center. I had booked $25 seats long ago – even though I was pretty exhausted we were troopers. Thursday was marathon shopping in the snow followed by cooking. Did I mention that Friday night I am hosting 50 Latinos, 80 Saturday night for a Venetian Purim Party and 30 Sunday for a Seudah? Somewhere in this craziness it was also Caily’s birthday and we had to capture her walking on her big day. My brother arrived from Australia and we made 50 shloach manot (Purim gifts) and we continue to advocate for Caily to get into a Jewish School

And now the snow – my nanny is not coming in, lots of cooking, cleaning and work deadlines and the kids home from school saying I am bored what can I do.

Will my guests come? Will my deliveries make it in? How will I possible be ready……oy oy oy

No rest for me …not yet

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