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Traveling the Hummus Trail

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Our family loves traveling. Caila age 15 has been to 54 countries and many of them on more than one occasion. She has been to India 3 times and many unusual tourist destinations like Myanmar, Zambia, Ethiopia and Armenia to name a few.

Living in Israel we have started traveling the “Hummus Trail”. It’s the routes that young Israelis travel after they complete their military service. Typically these places are cheap, off the beaten track with lots of outdoor and adventure activities. We are also usually the only family in Chabad Houses filled with hundreds of young people. We love the adventure!

I also love the family time. Shabbat is a time when we put off what’s urgent for what’s important-family, friends, community and spirituality. Our alone time is a microcosm of Shabbat.

Jodi in Napal


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