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A World of Nice People

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

We are away for xmas break in Hilton Head, South Carolina. It is a little island off the state and we got a great deal as it’s off season. As usual, we rented out our New York apartment at a premium, drove 12 hours and it actually pays for us to go away. In fact, we spent over 130 nights away this year. Away is not vacation as I wake up at 4 a.m., work late, take calls and am on my Blackberry all day. That said, I am typing this as I stroll on the beach watching the sunrise so no complaints here.

I do however have a concern. I cannot help but notice how warm and friendly people are here. We’ve experienced so many instances in just a few days of people going the extra mile: Opening doors, smiling or saying something nice. So different from New York where the checkout lady does you a favor and nice words and random smiles are not on the agenda. I always marvel that in our world we wave at the person who stops to let us cross the road. We are surprised when someone does something nice, instead we should be surprised when someone isn’t.

My question is, are these people happier than the people in my cold and unfriendly world? What can we do engender these qualities? Can my words and actions impact a harsh world?

Metroimmas, let’s all make it our new year resolution–we are lucky we get two chances–to share kindness and smiles and to challenge each member of our family to say five nice things or smile at five strangers each day. What a great 2012 that would be!

Originally published: December 29, 2011


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