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Celebrating Another Year of Our Amazing Caily

Every year I write a blog for Caila’s birthday and I always mention my amazement regarding her achievements. As she gets older my admiration grows more.

Each year it’s harder to be Caila:

It’s hard to be in a world where there are always such high expectations.

It’s hard to be in an adult directed world.

It’s hard to have so many people on your team who all expect you to work and perform.

It’s hard to have such a full schedule that rivals the President, even if all these activities support inclusion and make it possible.

It’s hard to always control impulses especially when your communication skills are lacking.

It’s hard to learn and speak 2 languages.

It’s hard to have the self awareness that you are different.

It’s hard to sometimes be socially rejected.

It’s hard to want social relationships and play dates so badly yet they are so hard to form.

It’s hard to reach for the stars everyday.

As the mom:

It’s hard to have to fight the system every day.

It’s hard to realize that in 2017 inclusion is not the standard but the exception.

It’s hard to accept that your child’s school, friends and society see her as a chesed project.

It’s hard to hear people tell me how cute she is at age 8.

It’s hard to explain that in many ways Caila’s challenges as a high functioning individual are different and that she does not neatly fit in a box.

It’s hard to see the social rejection of your daughter.

It’s hard to look at her cousin 12 months older who is 10 going on 14 while she is 9 going on 7.

But mostly:

It’s hard to imagine a world and our lives without Caila.

Her Simple wonder

Her Pure love

Her Gentleness

Her Goodness

Her Inability to hold a grudge

Her Empathy

Her Unbridled determination

Her Ability to teach the world a lesson

We cannot imagine our family without Caila and the richness and joy she brings to our lives.

Caila we are sure that the day you were born is the day God decided the world can’t live without you!

Happy Birthday Princess

Originally published: February 25, 2017


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