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Disconnected: My Worst Nightmare

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

I am pretty calm, can juggle a lot, and can cope with the news of a special needs child. I can do many things except be without Internet and Blackberry!

This happened last week. It was the day before I was leaving for Israel for two months and had a huge amount to do, including a trip to New Jersey and a volunteer appreciation dinner for the gala that same night. I had planned multiple phone conferences on the bus ride to New Jersey and I had my crackberry with me (yes, I am addicted!).

Along the way, I encountered a series of events that for me spelled NIGHTMARE! My Blackberry died on me–it wouldn’t let me click keys, went into sleep mode, and the scroll bar jammed. Charming!

The bus was late to depart–charming again! My cell phone went into sleep mode at 9:25 a.m. and my first conference call was planned for just five minutes later.

It got worse. I was freaking about work and about being unreachable when the rain started coming down and I realized my window was leaking. It was a full bus, so there were no other seats available. The driver then announced there was an accident on the road and there was a Medi Vac rescue planned so we should expect delays of two hours. I was thirsty, hungry, anxious and wet. Worst of all, I couldn’t even post a status update.

I know there was a time when people did not have cell phones and instant email, but I am too young and way too addicted to consider that lifestyle. I typed this blog to store in my draft folder until I got connected. I never take more than 10 minutes to answer an email so I was sure my hubby and co-workers were wondering if I was still alive. The craziest thing of all is that I asked the grumpy man next to me if I could use his phone. The only number I know by heart is my home number and I got voicemail. I do not know the numbers of Gavin’s cell, the nanny’s cell, or my business partner’s cell so I couldn’t contact anyone.

After countless hours in transit, I was able to get to my appointment, get home, contact the people I needed to and fix my phone so I could reconnect to the rest of the world.

Metroimmas, share your stories of your worst nightmare and how you solved it.

Originally published: July 5, 2011


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