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Do Mom’s Have To Be On Call 24/7?

I am a working mom and I have a full-time nanny. I honestly rely a lot on my nanny to help me juggle life as a supermom!

While in Israel, I am still working about six hours a day instead of my usual 15 plus hours a day but here I do not have help. It has really made me realize what 24/7 parenting feels like. The word Imma is called out at least 100 times a day by each kid. ” “Imma, I’m bored.” Imma, I’m hungry.” “Imma, she hit me.” You know the story.

I planned some needed time out for a facial. Time out, huh? I had the cell phone resting on my chest just waiting for the call. “Imma, you are needed.” Just the day before I was about to go into a meeting with a professor. It’s impossible to see the man and I finally had the opportunity to take Caily for an assessment. I was in the waiting area when camp called to say Temira was not feeling well. Dilemma: Gavin is in Petach Tikvah and I am in Jerusalem waiting for this meeting. I tell camp I will be there in one hour. Of course, my meeting runs late and I am completely stressing about Temira. I pick her up two hours later and she is all smiles and a burst of energy. No illness that I could see…she simply did not like color war at camp. Now I am trying to relax and enjoy the facial and instead stressing that I may be needed.

It has really made me wonder about this on-call role. After all, I only leave my kids in safe environments with responsible adults. Just 15 years ago, a mom would not have had a cell phone and, therefore, she would relax during her facial because ignorance was bliss.

Metroimmas, do you think?

Originally published: August 8, 2010


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