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Fantasy Weddings But Not Fantasy Reality

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Even I was caught up in wedding mania. I admit that I bought all the magazines with wedding news and I was glued to the TV (not my computer screen) at 4am Friday. I lived in a commonwealth country so the Queen is near and dear. I was intrigued that a commoner could end up marrying a fairy tale prince.

The night before the wedding, I had attended an informative and moving event at the museum of Tolerance. They screened a movie called “The Last Survivor,” a documentary of survivors of genocide including holocaust survivors. Afterwards they featured a panel of survivors for a question and answer session. It was hosted by a Jewish organization a few days before Yom Hashoa. It was moving, informative, and had a very small attendance.

After all why should we care about genocide — even if it’s happening today in Darfu — when we can suspend our imaginations and be swept away with Royal mania. We cannot mourn each tragedy and care about every world issue. I know, I know…..

In the search for pleasure and happiness in our on-demand world, maybe we also miss out. Just like you need darkness to appreciate light, maybe we need to look at the world around us to appreciate what we have.

As moms, we influence our children so much. On Friday, I shared with my children some points about the movie. I want them to know and understand the world beyond Royal carriages, private schools and latest crocs styles. While we don’t want to burden our children with the woes of the world, we need to share a little about things that are affecting life, civilization and that world around them.

Metroimmas, how much of the world’s issues and concerns do you share with your children? Did you talk to them about Osama Bin Laden’s death? How do you present it in a way they will both understand and will be able to handle? Please share your experiences with us here…

Originally published: May 4, 2011


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